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STARTS ON September 27, 2023 Application Deadline: Sept 27, 2023
DURATION 12 Weeks, Online 4-6 Hours/ Week
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STARTS ON September 27, 2023 Application Deadline: Sept 27, 2023
DURATION 12 Weeks, Online 4-6 Hours/ Week
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Program Overview

The Certificate in Sales Management Program by Kellogg Executive Education is a comprehensive program designed to equip sales professionals with the skills, knowledge, and strategies needed to excel in the dynamic world of sales management. The program is offered by Kellogg School of Management, one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, renowned for its expertise in executive education.

This program offers a transformative learning experience for sales professionals seeking to excel in their careers. With a rigorous curriculum, expert faculty, and the prestige of the Kellogg School of Management, participants can expect to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to achieve sales excellence and drive business success.

  • Only 39%

    of sales professionals say their sales org delivers the buyer first behavior

    SOURCE: LINKEDIN State of sales 2022 India Highlights
  • 48%

    Buyers cancelled deals due to salespersons delivering misleading information about a product, its price, etc.

    SOURCE: LINKEDIN State of sales 2022 India Highlights
  • 77%

    of sales professionals say their sales organization plans to invest in sales intelligence tools.

    SOURCE: LINKEDIN State of sales 2022 India Highlights
  • 84%

    of Indian sellers say they have seen a deal lost or delayed in the past year by a decision maker changing roles.

    SOURCE: LINKEDIN State of sales 2022 India Highlights

Program Highlights

160+ Pre-Recorded Videos* for Self-Paced Learning from Renowned Kellogg Faculty

Kellogg Digital Certification

Guest interviews for industry exposure and practical knowledge

4 to 6 hours per week

Peer-to-peer Learning

Learn from the Star faculty

Real-world case studies/Assignments/ workshops with analytics

Tools workshops

-The programme highlights presented above are approximate, and subject to change depending on the availability and expertise of the teaching faculty, as well as the programme's desired outcomes.
-The programme is designed to be delivered approximately over 9 to 10 months in a calendar year, including some occasional breaks that may be provided. This is only indicative. The actual calendar time may be more or less by a few weeks depending on the number of topics covered and other variables like breaks provided/not provided.
-Assignments are reviewed either by success coach who is available to support participants in their learning journey and/or by the Emeritus grading team. The final number of quizzes, assignments and discussions will be confirmed closer to the programme start.
-*This is a majorly self-paced online programme with some live sessions with programme faculty. Post- session video recordings will be available for up to 12 months after programme completion. We have a curated panel of industry practitioners who will be conducting the weekly live doubt-clearing sessions.

Key Takeaways

  • Fundamentals of a channel system, get insight into the complex power dynamics and conflict resolution
  • Unlock the key to becoming a high-performance salesperson using the fundamentals of artful selling
  • Learn to identify target markets, build customer personas and how to talk about competition
  • Develop networking skills and understand how to drive meaningful conversations with customers
  • Understand & execute sales frameworks, put together sales pitches, stakeholder management and prospecting
  • Sharpen your presentation skills, learn the 4 Ps of presentation and pitch creation

Who is This Program For?

As a sales management professional, here’s your opportunity to unleash your leadership potential and guide your team to achieve extraordinary results. This course equips you with the tools and insights necessary to inspire and motivate your team members, foster a culture of high performance, and drive them towards exceeding targets.

This program will be relevant for the following audiences in India:

  • Mid-senior managers in Sales, and Business Development, looking to learn latest trends in Sales, and develop a Sales strategy relevant for the digital age.
  • Senior professionals in General Management and Strategy roles, such as Business Heads, CXOs, MDs, looking to understand the trending sales strategies and evaluate the best channels to bolster sales.

Module Summaries

Module 1: Enhanced Selling and Persuasion Skills
Master the art of selling by developing a strong foundation of knowledge, skill, and discipline. Learn how to combine these three elements to become a high-performing salesperson. The sales tools used in this module like Vitamin or Painkiller? Walk and Talk and Discipline Assessment, will help you understand your cus needs better.

Module 2: Targeting: Stakeholder Mapping, Personas Creation, Planning Your Week, and Discussing your Competitors
Learn how to identify and filter your target market's specific pain points and create a clear vision of who your customers are. You will also develop your competitive talking points, targeting your stakeholder mapping, creating personas, planning your week, and talking about your competitors

Module 3: Lead Generation Tactics: Network Building, Cold Calling, Introductory Emails, And Proactive Pursuit
Develop sales frameworks, qualify leads, and excel in persuasive communication. From networking to proactive pursuit, uncover essential tools and techniques. Elevate sales management and achieve success.

Module 4: Nurture Your Prospects: Prospects Identification, Listen And Ask, And Ace The Meeting
Learn how to drive effective sales conversations by asking powerful questions and qualifying prospects efficiently. You will learn four types of questions and three levels of listening to understand requirements and conduct successful meetings.

Module 5: The Right Story, At The Right Time, For The Right Reasons
Discover essential sales management techniques, including developing a sales framework, lead qualification, creating talking points, scheduling, and stakeholder mapping. You will also learn valuable tools like proactive pursuit, prospecting script, email blueprint, and effective sales conversations.

Module 6: Present Like A Pro: Engage Your Audience And Win Business
Learn how to utilize personal presentation strengths and the “four ps” of presentation to make a compelling pitch. You will also learn about presenting with panache, using visuals/placemats.

Module 7: Team Selling, Getting Deals Unstuck, and Closing the Deal
This module emphasizes tools and techniques for successful deal closures. You will learn to identify and overcome obstacles that hinder sales progression. Additionally, you will gain insights into effective teamwork to maximize impact. Mastering these skills will enhance your sales performance and overall success.

Module 8: Going Above & Beyond to Delight Clients
Explore the subsequent stage after a sale and the various resources necessary for ensuring lasting customer satisfaction. Utilized sales techniques include analyzing wins and losses, going above and beyond expectations, and measuring client delight through an index.

Module 9: Giving Feedback, Weekly One-On- Ones, and Building a Sales Culture
Explore key roles required for successful team selling and highlights the importance of feedback in weekly one-on-one meetings. Sales Management Techniques covered include giving and receiving feedback and conducting individual meetings on a weekly basis as part of the sales process.

Module 10: Put Your Powerful Sales Toolkit into Action
Consolidate key sales management takeaways, assess your knowledge, and complete a task to help educate others about these techniques. The sales tools used include knowledge, skills, and discipline, which are applied through self-assessment, learning, teaching, and execution using the quarterly dashboard.

Module 11: Sales Tools Workshop
Get hands-on experience on critical and indemand sales tools like Zoho, Zapier, Salesloft, Marketo, Hubspot, Calendly, Pandadoc, Zoho Analytics, Hubspot Service Hub, Zendesk

Module 12: Assignment on Sales Analytics
Complete an assignment on Sales Analytics which involves lead tracking, conversion and performance metrics, along with an activity related to Sales Negotiation.

For more information on the full syllabus, download our brochure

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Tools Covered

Note: All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Case Studies

McDonald's Case study on selling a consumer insight market research report to McDonald's.
Google Example of filtered targeting for a large multinational like Google for a web-based learning software for employee upskilling
IBM Case study of a sales pitch to a forging company which makes golf club heads for a consulting service like IBM

Sales Framework

The Sales Certificate program features over 30 distinct sales tools participants can add to their skill set. These sales tools include:

  • Filtering Your Target Market
  • Competitive Talking Points
  • Building Your Prospecting Script
  • The Perfect Sales Meeting Checklist
  • Getting a Deal Unstuck
  • Mapping Stakeholders
  • Plan the Work, Work the Plan: Weekly Cadence
  • Art of the Sales Conversation
  • Objections Matrix
  • Team Selling for Impact
  • Creating Personas & Qualifying Fast
  • Proactive Pursuit: Turning Cold Calls into Warm Leads
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Closing Well
  • Giving (and Receiving) Feedback & more

Program Faculty


Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Executive Director of the Kellogg Sales Institute

Craig has been a professor, salesperson, and entrepreneur for more than 25 years. From IBM Corporation as the #2 performer in his year-long classical style sales training class, to a Dean Witter company covering three-quarters of the country selling to large retailers, Craig is an expert in all things sales. After earning his MBA from Kellogg in 1995, Craig joined the Forum Corporation and quickly became the firm's new product launch and client recovery specialist. In 2000, Craig was recruited to join start-up WisdomTools as its CEO which he sold to a larger firm in 2008.

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Guest Stars Include

Helen Calvin

Topics covered: Giving and Receiving feedback, weekly one-on-one and building a sales culture

Chief Growth Officer at Buildout, a full-lifecycle empowerment platform and system of record for high-performing CRE brokers in highly competitive markets. Helen shares her perspective on sales leadership, hiring salespeople, and the four main characteristics she hires for.

Jim McAvoy

Topics covered: Lead Generation tactics, Proactive pursuit and prospecting script, Breathrough introductory emails, sales conversation

Founder and President of JWMcAvoy & Company, LTD, a firm that is solely focused on finding qualified leads for its clients. Jim is a cold calling expert. He'll reveal the secrets to converting a cold call into warmer territory. His session is often cited as among the most impactful sessions among MBAs who take this program.

Suzanne Muchin

Topics covered: Going above and beyond, Delighting clients

Clinical Professor at the Kellogg School of Management and Co-founder and CEO of Bonfire, a distinctive leadership development program that equips women with the skills, inspiration and clarity they need to Matter More. She is also host of a popular podcast, The Big Payoff. Suzanne addresses gender differences in sales, dynamics of mixed-gender sales teams, as well as sharing frameworks for introverts and extroverts who thrive in sales.

Dan Pink

Topics covered: Mindset for selling, Knowledge, Skill and Discipline, Value and Benefit

Dan Pink is the author of several best-selling books on business, work, and behavior. His TED Talk on the science of motivation is one of the 10 most-watched TED Talks of all time, with more than 20 million views. Dan shares the scientific secrets to timing from his best-selling book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing in regards to the sales process.

Thomas K.R. Stovall

Topics covered: Current Sales inventory, quarterly dashboard, Teaching it forward

Founder of Intention Mastery and Google Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Thomas conveys his powerful approach to attraction-based marketing and sales.

Prof. Andrew Sykes

Topics covered: Qualifying leads, asking questions and listening, running high impact meetings, handling objections

Adjunct Lecturer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management. Andrew holds over 25 years of leadership, organizational performance, and business development experience. He speaks on the art of creating high-impact habits for revenue-responsible leaders and teams. In his session, he tackles how to handle objections in a role play with Craig Wortmann.


I really appreciated how granular this module became There are a lot of practices that I am going to incorporate into my career, and also, I enjoyed the confidence it gave me to know that I am heading down the right path.

-Zach Williams, Business Development Manager, Wise Hospice Options

Just the overall message and ways of really becoming a better salesperson and person in general, was very helpful, along with the number of tools and ways of improving yourself.

-Tyler Bates, Customer Development Representative, Martin Engineering

The best part of the program was uncovering weaknesses and addressing how to improve them. Articulating subjects, skills, habits and providing relevant context to making them applicable.

-Deven Hennessey, Director of Life Insurance Marketing, Premium Finance and Life Settlements, EMG Insurance Brokerage

Honestly, this program gave me a whole new perspective on sales! I didn't know what to expect when I came in, but I absolutely loved that I could apply every single thing I learned to myself INSTANTLY! I didn't have to wait to see how things connected—I just instantly saw it.

-Zach Williams, Business Development Manager, Wise Hospice Options

Program Certificate

Upon successful completion of the program, Kellogg Executive Education will grant a verified digital certificate of completion to participants. Participants will be assessed across nine content areas to obtain the certificate of completion.

Sample Certificate
Sample Certificate

- After successful completion of the program, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the program.
- All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of Kellogg Executive Education.
- This online certificate program does not grant academic credit or a degree from the Kellogg School of Management.

Learning Experience

Bite-sized learning techniques

Individualized assessments

Real-world applications

Peer-supported discussions

Practical Workshops

Note: The final number of quizzes, assignments and discussions will be confirmed closer to the program start.

Keeping it convenient

Access to program content is flexible and available through multiple devices, allowing working professionals to easily manage their schedules and learn remotely-anytime, anywhere

Keeping it interesting

Our globally connected learning platform enables participants to seamlessly interact with their peers when completing group assignments.

Emeritus Career Services*

Career Management Modules on:

  • Building an Impressive Resume & Cover Letter
  • Building an Impressive LinkedIn Profile
  • Navigating Job Search
  • Interview Preparation

Please note:

  • This service is available only for Indian residents enrolled into select Emeritus programmes.
  • Kellogg Executive Education or Emeritus do NOT promise or guarantee a job or progression in your current job. Career Services is only offered as a service that empowers you to manage your career proactively. The Career Services mentioned here are offered by Emeritus. Kellogg Executive Education is NOT involved in any way and makes no commitments regarding the Career Services mentioned here

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