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STARTS ON September 28, 2023 Last Date to Apply: Sept 20, 2023
DURATION 36 Weeks, Online 10-12 Hours/ week
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STARTS ON September 28, 2023 Last Date to Apply: Sept 20, 2023
DURATION 36 Weeks, Online 10-12 Hours/ week
To ensure that holiday plans on the occasion of Christmas and New Year are not interrupted, no new modules will be released during this time and participants will receive a 2-week extension for submitting assignments. Participants will continue to have access to course material on the platform during this time.

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Note: The final number of quizzes, assignments and discussions will be confirmed closer to the program start.

What Our Past Participants Say

"I am so glad I signed up for this program. Professor Sawhney's lectures were very crisp, and the way he introduced real-life examples helped to understand the concepts better."


Manager, Quality Assurance Engineering, Pearson

"Building a product development plan for the Capstone scenario and case studies of different companies were the best parts of this program for me."


Software Engineer, McAfee

Note: The participant testimonials are from the global cohort of the program.

Program Certificate

Upon successful completion of the program, Kellogg Executive Education will grant a verified digital certificate of completion to participants.

Sample Certificate
Sample Certificate

- After successful completion of the program, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the program.
- All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of Kellogg Executive Education.
- This online certificate program does not grant academic credit or a degree from the Kellogg School of Management.

Learn from the best

Kellogg's MBA program has consistently been ranked #1

in Marketing by the U.S. News & World Report (2022).

Advance Your Career in Product Management

Demand for product managers who can align all the stakeholders involved in launching or enhancing a product—while also providing a strategic vision—is high. This program is designed to prepare experienced professionals to build and manage a product roadmap through user research, prototyping, and product analysis. Learn the skills that will deliver the most commercial impact for employers:

  • Pillar 1: UX Design
  • Pillar 2: Agile Methodology
  • Pillar 3: Data Science and Analytics
  • 45%

    Product managers have an advanced qualification.

  • 85%

    Products being delivered fail to meet customer needs.

    SOURCE: FORBES, 2021
  • 89%

    Product professionals say their organization's business model and go-to-market motion are product-led.


High-level Program Takeaways

  • Master the end-to-end process of discovering, designing, developing, delivering, and managing products
  • Learn the strategic thinking and tactical implementation skills needed to become a professional product manager
  • Gain certifications in product management tools and methodologies, including project management, A/B testing (Optimizely), and analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Hone your communication, negotiation, and influence skills to effectively manage people and relationships
  • Apply frameworks and tools to develop a start-to-finish product marketing plan

Who is This Program For?

This program is ideal for:

  • Mid to senior-level professionals with over eight years of work experience, interested in driving product management and contributing to business growth
  • Professionals making a lateral career move from an adjacent field such as sales, marketing, engineering, and UI/UX will also find this program beneficial as it will help build their proficiency in understanding the implications of technology on the product portfolio and managing cross-functional roles in product management

Program Topics

Module 1: Introduction to Product Management
Learn what a product manager (PM) does and how the role varies across industries, company size, and format (B2B and B2C). Learn what you need to succeed in this role and what makes an outstanding product manager.

Module 2: Customer Insights for Product Innovation
Learn about the nature, sources, and tools of customer insights (e.g., ethnography, customer experience mapping, customer advisory boards, product telemetry, human factors research, etc.), and move from insights to action.

Module 3: Analyzing Product Opportunities
Learn how to define and find product opportunities, Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) framework, and assessing opportunities using the Real-Win-Worth It (R-W-W) framework.

Module 4: Product Discovery and Requirements Definition
Learn how to create a discovery hypothesis, measure product-market fit, apply the MVP framework (user stories, epics, and themes), and address the Agile requirements document.

Module 5: Business Model Design
Learn the definition and importance of business models and business model taxonomy—Freemium, Software as a Service (SaaS), and marketplace models, and equip yourself to choose the right business model for your product.

Module 6: Financial Analysis for Product Managers
Understand the economics of a SaaS business (CLV, CAC, MRR, MRR Expansion, Churn); learn about analyses such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Product Profitability; and explore approaches to product pricing.

Module 7: UI/UX Design for Product Managers
Learn the fundamentals of UX, conceptual, interaction, and virtual design, and the design sprint.

Module 8: Agile Product Development
Explore the principles of Agile development, Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc.), Scrum/Agile team structures, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe 5.0), and learn about transitioning to Agile.

Module 9: Product Planning and Roadmapping
Link business strategy to product development using roadmaps and product portfolio management, and learn how to use roadmapping tools.

Module 10: Product Prototyping
Discover the importance of prototyping, and learn about rapid prototyping, prototyping classifications (Alpha, Beta, Pilot), prototyping artifacts, wireframing, 3D printing, and prototyping best practices.

Module 11: Taking Products to Market
Get an overview of the product launch and Go-to-Market strategy (GTM), elements of GTM strategy, product positioning and messaging, and product-launch planning.

Module 12: Business Communication for Product Managers
Receive an overview of internal and external communication, discover the fundamentals of storytelling, and learn to give effective product presentations and demos. Additionally, identify the hidden benefits of impactful written communications, and learn how to run efficient meetings and deal with difficult situations.

Module 13: Managing the Partner Ecosystem
Address the definition and creation of the "whole offer"— the Make, Buy, or Ally decisions. Manage strategic partnerships and strategies for ecosystem development and growth.

Module 14: Managing Product Evolution and Growth
Discover how a company might grow product sales through customer development, market development, and demand expansion. Learn how to manage product line extensions, product line pruning, and product sunsetting.

Module 15: Growth Hacking
Learn how to develop the growth-hacker mindset, and explore growth-hacking skills, strategies, processes, and best practices.

Module 16: Data Science and Analytics for Product Managers
Gain an overview of model evaluation metrics and ways of identifying biases to avoid analytical errors. Explore ways to leverage popular platforms and tools, such as Google Analytics.

Module 17: AI and ML for Product Managers
Learn the definitions and fundamentals of analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) along with AI/ML platforms, tools, and types of analytics—descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive.

Module 18: Managing Stakeholder Relationships
Learn how to manage different relationships as a product manager. Specifically, this module will address relationships between the product manager and the engineering team, sales organizations, customers, and executive leadership.

Module 19: Product Management for Services Companies
Learn about the scalability of products versus services. Discover the development process for services and how it differs from that of products.

Module 20: Capstone Project
In this final module, you will complete and submit the capstone project.

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Complimentary Annual Digital WSJ Membership

As a participant in the programme, you can enjoy a complimentary annual digital membership to The Wall Street Journal, giving you unlimited access to award-winning journalism across any device. From business and world news, to technology and life and arts, WSJ provides ambitious and fact-based reporting that readers can trust.

Build Your Skill Set

Phase 1: Build Your Prototype

  • Discover Customer Insights for Product Innovation
  • Define Product Requirements
  • Design Your Business Model
  • Analyze the Numbers
  • Roadmap Your Strategy

Phase 2: Go to Market

  • Communicate like a Pro
  • Manage Your Partner Ecosystem
  • Develop the Growth-Hacker Mindset
  • Assess the Data, Choose the Right Tool
  • Manage Stakeholder Relationships

Certifications Included in the Program

Google Analytics: Understand Your Customers

This program will also enable you with the skills to be proficient in the use of UI/UX, Product Roadmapping tools like:

Note: All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Case Studies

Whirlpool Gladiator GarageWorks Explore how Whirlpool listened to customer frustrations and gathered insights on the clutter in their garages. This discovery process led to the creation of GarageWorks—solution packages to help customers reclaim their garages through better organization.
Pareto Intelligence Examine the process of taking a health care-related service and turning it into a product as Pareto Intelligence has done with their technology solutions to improve value-based outcomes.
Amazon Kindle Fire Phone A post-mortem study about the doomed product that the company's CEO was adamant about creating while refusing to listen to what customers actually wanted.
Airbnb Examine the role that professional photography plays at Airbnb while going through the eleven steps of the company's growth-hacking strategy.
WeWork Study an example of top-down market sizing and how WeWork achieved this.
Motorola Motorola is ready to launch its Droid 2 smartphone. Just before launch, the company's biggest customer, Verizon, conveys that consumers don't like the camera button and asks for a redesign. What steps do you take in this situation?
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Note: Kellogg Executive Education's use of product and company names does not imply that it is affiliated with or endorsed by them.

Program Faculty


Associate Dean for Digital Innovation; McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology; Clinical Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Research in Technology and Innovation

Professor Sawhney is a globally recognized scholar, teacher, consultant, and speaker in business innovation, modern marketing, and enterprise analytics. He has written seven management books, as well as dozens of influential articles in leading academic journals and managerial.....

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Product Manager

Steven is a Product Manager at Palo Alto Networks, an industry-leading cybersecurity provider. In his 12+ years in Product, he has worked with a broad swath of companies including Microsoft, AOL, Pivotal Labs, Tenable, Electronic Arts, and several early-stage...

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UX/UI Design Lead

Tamara has lived as an expat for nearly nine years and visited 70 countries, all while working at Google, Automattic, and Oliver Wyman. She has approached her career with the same explorer mentality, with nearly 15 years of experience in roles ranging from management consulting...

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Product Strategy Leader

Tami Reiss is a product strategy leader with 15+ years of experience helping startups, established enterprise companies, and community profit organizations define their product strategy and set up product organizations for scale. She has worked with countless companies...

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Program Leaders

Our Learning Facilitators are industry experts who bring their insights to the course experience through live office hour sessions and personalized support.


Kiran has done master’s in business administration, BITS-Pilani and Masters in Technology, SRM University. He is a certified Data Scientist, MLOps and Product Management. He has overall 20 years of experience in Data Analytics, Data Science & ML...

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He has over 13+ years of experience leading, managing, and mentoring teams in Data Analytics for both product and service-focused organizations (Oracle, IBM, HP, Jio, Sterlite, Rakuten). Apart from Industry experience he has 10 yrs of experience in Teaching and mentoring...

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Note: *These are Program Leaders from the previous batches. Program Leaders may change for upcoming batches subject to availability.

Financing Options* Starting at INR 6,551/month.

Option 1

Program Fee: INR 2,95,000 + GST
Maximum Loan Amount: INR 2,81,250
Tenure (months): 36
EMI/ month: INR 9,396

Option 2

Program Fee: INR 2,95,000 + GST
Maximum Loan Amount: INR 2,81,250
Tenure (months): 48
EMI/ month: INR 7,560

Option 3

Program Fee: INR 2,95,000 + GST
Maximum Loan Amount: INR 2,81,250
Tenure (months): 60
EMI/ month: INR 6,551

Also available in 12/ 18/ 24 months EMI plans.

The above EMI's are indicative and figures in INR are approx.
The EMI's offered by each of the loan providers might vary from the above figures, depending upon tenure and loan amount to be disbursed.
Our Program Advisors will help you with information on how to avail a loan from our loan providers.
*Applicable only for Indian residents.

Emeritus Career Services*

  • 15 Recorded Sessions and Resources in the Following Categories (Please note: These sessions are not live):
    • Resume and Cover Letter
    • Navigating Job Search
    • Interview Preparation
    • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation
  • Job Placement Assistance
    • Job openings are sourced by the CS Team and virtual hiring drives are conducted for the applicants.
    • Dedicated online portal for all candidates where they can apply for jobs & track past applications.
    • Regular job postings.

Please note:

  • Job placement assistance is focused for students with 0 to 5 yrs of experience.
  • This service is available only for Indian residents enrolled in select Emeritus programmes.
  • Kellogg Executive Education or Emeritus do NOT promise or guarantee a job or progression in your current job. Career Services is only offered as a service that empowers you to manage your careerproactively. The Career Services mentioned here are offered by Emeritus. Kellogg Executive Education is NOT involved in any way and makes no commitments regarding the Career Services mentioned here.

Early applications encouraged. Limited seats are available.

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